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Mitsubishi Evolution Evo 10 4B11T 4"- 3.5” Cast Outlet O2 Housing Dump Pipe

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Outlet Configuration

When looking at what others in the market were making we found that many of them did not suit the RHD market and that they would either touch or be too close to the steering rack/shaft. This would cause all sorts of damage to the rubbers and seals.
Our 3.5" dump for the Evo 4-9 have always done very well and thought we would try and improve upon what was available for the Evo 10. We asked mechanics and technicians what they did and didn’t like about what was currently offered by others and then set out to design a solution that was better in performance as well as easier to fit.

If you look at the pics, we created our own ob-round shape to correctly clear the steering whilst also allowing the flow area of a 4" pipe. We also wanted to make it a 2 piece design to make it very easy to fit. So to seal the lower section to the upper we designed a dual stepped recess with the internal step protruding further down following the gas flow. This allowed us to run no gasket and not worry about leaks. We also designed it to run studs in the lower half to make it very easy to fit and not have to juggle nuts and bolts with one hand.

We also did away with the “really hard bolt to get” to because of the dump coming over the top of it, so we created a sealed internal channel for a 115mm bolt to replace it and enter from outside of the dump. We also added the provision to run the OEM heat shield when running the OEM Turbo manifold or our replacement manifold. You can see 2 sets of mounting locations on the dump. We also added an 02 sensor mount. We put this in a location that can be accessed from the engine bay for dyno tuning or for an added wideband for a gauge or dash.

We have designed it do you can run 4" from the dump for the guys wanting maximum power with a stock frame turbo, but we will be offering them as a bolt on version with a 2 bolt flange, as well as a 3.5" version that will bolt up to the oem Cat back location.