ARTEC Info: The ARTEC V-Band - One Flange to Rule Them All

ARTEC Info: The ARTEC V-Band - One Flange to Rule Them All

Here at ARTEC, we don't like just designing and making parts that perform well, but we love designing and making parts that also fit well and are easy to install and work on.  

We pride ourselves in going that one step further and putting real thought into how a part is supposed to work, where it's supposed to go, and if anything can be improved on or done better based off existing solutions on the market. 

That's what pushed us to develop the ARTEC V-band system. Years ago when we looked at the existing market of turbochargers and V-band mounting solutions, it really bothered us that the main turbocharger manufacturers all used slightly different V-band flanges for their turbos. Contrary to common belief, not all V-bands are the same. The confusion this creates along with the unnecessary complexity it adds when you're making turbo manifolds led us to design the ARTEC V-band flange!

We designed our patented V-band flange system to be able to accept turbochargers from all of the big brands. By redesigning the V-band flange on our manifolds and using locator rings, our V-band flange is compatible with turbochargers from Garrett, Precision and TiAL. No more mucking around when you're looking for a manifold to fit your turbo, and it also means that you don't have to change your manifold if you ever change turbo supplier, just simply change to the appropriate locating ring and away you go!

The main difference between each of the flanges is the size of the step or lip around the flange. Having the correct step / lip is crucial for seating and aligning the turbocharger correctly and ensuring that there are no leaks! You can see the significant difference in the size of the step / lip in the photo of our locating rings below.

We use the ARTEC V-band flange on all of our exhaust manifolds and the best part is they all come included with a complete set of locator rings to allow you to mount V-band turbos from any of the big brands to your ARTEC manifold!  

For our standard manifolds using the 50-55mm V-band, the set of 3 locator rings will allow your manifold to accept turbos from a Garrett G25 up to a G35-1050, and Precision 6262 through to 6870.

For those running our Big Daddy 70mm range, your manifold will come with a set of 2 locator rings allowing you to run anything from a Garrett G40 to G45 and Precision 6870 through to 8685!

Lastly, ARTEC exhaust manifolds are compatible with the brand new range of Turbosmart Turbochargers as their 58-64mm range uses the same flange as Garrett.