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ARTEC Performance

Honda B Series Low Mount V-Band Exhaust Manifold

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B Series V-Band low mount.

Hey everyone, finally we get to show off our new Honda B-Series V-Band (ac compatible) Turbo manifold.

We picked up a '95 model Del Sol with a B18 to develop our new line of B-Series products. The manifold is designed so you can run AC (with some modifications to the factory condenser and fan) as well as a proper air intake with air filter.
Later we'll be designing a matching dump/down pipe to make it easy to plumb the wastegate back in, and easily fit that tight exit out of the turbine housing.

This design uses our universal V-Band system and is designed to use standard rotation turbos. So any @garrettmotion G25 through to G35 or @precisionturbo up to a 6870.
We have also designed it around an @turbosmarthq Gen 5 45mm wastegate , BUT the wastegate runner is designed to accept a 50mm if your setup requires it - just cut the 45mm flange off and weld the 50mm flange on.