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ARTEC Performance

Ford Barra T4 Split Pulse Exhaust Manifold

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  • Material: SUS347 Stainless Steel Investment Cast Construction


  • Compatible with turbo sizes up to Garrett G45 / Prevision 8685
  • Proper clearance for   factory power steer pump, coolant header tank and bonnet
  • 50mm wastegate flange with 60mm possible with custom fabrication

Package Contents:

  • Exhaust Manifold


  • Manifold nuts / studs should be checked and retorqued after dyno tuning and approximately 1 month after street driving
  • Turbo Compatibility: Stock Frame Turbochargers 
  • Designed in Australia with Lifetime Warranty*


Introducing the Ford Barra T4 split pulse.

This design took plenty of time to get it looking this good. You can run anything up to the @garrettmotion G45 or @precisionturbo 8685 under the bonnet on a Ford Falcon whilst clearing all the factory power steer pump, coolant header tank and bonnet.

We also have designed the wastegate to accept up to a 60mm @turbosmarthq unit by simply cutting off the 50mm flange and welding on the new inlet flange.
We have also positioned the wastegate so you can plumb the gate back into the down pipe or let it vent to atmosphere.

We have multiple units out with workshops and teams for testing and validation of boost control. We think these will work great with the new Garrett G40's for street cars as well as 6870 or 6875's.

Please contact our dealers listed in the hash tags to be placed on their priority lists for first available stock.